Today’s Music Sucks

Let’s face it, pop music has changed and not for the better. Radios seem to drone on with the same tracks, each of them with the same chords, same words, same themes. But why? What happened to music and why does it all sound the same?

We can start with one observation. They’re all about love. Why? Well according to an Brian Fauteux, an assistant professor at University of Alberta who studies pop music, “we all have an idea of what love is, and could be, and it’s comforting to experience a sense of ourselves in popular culture” (folio, Betkowski Why We Love Love Songs). To put it shortly, we like to relate, and love is the most universal feeling making it a gold mine for artists and social media influencers. Unfortunately this means overuse. Love songs date back as far as 1000 B.C. written for King Solomon. Perhaps it is time for a different approach

When you listen to any recent song, have you noticed, they all sound the same? This could be because of chords and song structure. Hundreds of songs are just the same chords in the a repeated fashion, F Am C G. Some of the most popular songs such as Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours” or even Africa by Toto can played with these chords. Chartmania broke down each song in the billboard top 5 in 2017 and we can see clearly that the use of 4 chords is most popular.

You can read Chartmania’s whole analysis here

Now, this doesn’t mean anything particularity bad and doesn’t really contribute to why music might be at its downfall. Afterall, less is more right?


i swear this wasn’t supposed to be slam poetry but like idk it is now

if you get triggered by abuse or something like that i would recommend you yeet away from this post. also wow first post and i already ruined the theme of this blog.

this is a thing i wrote and no one’s gonna read this but whatever have fun.

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Sounds.Sounds as simple as a door closing. Footsteps up the stairs. Children laughing.But for my bruised mind it’s not just a door closing, it’s a hushed breath andangry tears, it’s not just footsteps it’s the indescribable dread of knowingyou are not safe, it’s not just children laughing it is the volume always leading to a frozen stillness of worry between smiles, or screams. A game of tag or am I truly running, but only difference is that this game has a worse outcomethan becoming “it”. In this game, being “it” means begging for the fists to halt. In this game being “it” means blurred sight and tasting copper the nextmorning. Being “it” means the bathing in hopelessness from knowing that you,this weak four foot nine small little girl has nothing against the rushing fists, one after one, the screaming of when does it stop, the only thoughtbeing it will end soon hold on you have to hold on. having your bloodshot eyesgaze dazedly in the mirror afterwards, knowing, that that blood you see was caused by someone of your own blood. A father, a mother. And when the pain seeps from your skin into your bones that’s when you realize, it’s not just a bruise, a split lip, a headache. But the real, greater damage. A damage no amount of lipstick, band aids, or pills can fix. The knowledge that there are,and will always be, never healing fractures.